CamelCamelCamel Review: Be Up-to-date With Current Product Prices on Amazon

CamelCamelCamel Review: Be Up-to-date With Current Product Prices on Amazon 

Nowadays, countless people shop online, and they expect to purchase different items at a lower price. As a seller, you have no other option but to sell items at the correct price in order to make more sales. Amazon has many sellers ranging into thousands who sell similar products, but the ones who sell those items using the correct price point are always ahead of their competitors.

Perhaps, as an Amazon seller, you have experienced how it is difficult the amount to charge on the items you are selling. To avoid such difficulties, you need a tool that tracks prices. The price of different items changes from time to time; therefore, you should require a price tracker that displays the price history of all the products on Amazon.

 Serious sellers and buyers on Amazon know the important role that camelcamelcamel plays when it comes to price tracking.

Description and more about camelcamelcamel                                 

You may be wondering what the term camelcamelcamel means or what does it does.

Camelcamelcamel is a vital tool for both shoppers and vendors. Most sellers use the software to ensure that they continue competing with other sellers by pricing their items in the right way according to the market metrics. Buyers use the analytical tool to track products selling at a lower price in order to save more money when they shop through Amazon.

Competitive pricing does not constantly mean selling your product at a low value. Instead, it means selling an item at a fee that will attract more buyers and still make a profit. Many Amazon vendors tend to reduce their items' costs so that they can increase their sales. The business strategy will work well to a certain extent, but it may become difficult to sustain it for a long time. Overpricing of products is another mistake that some Amazon sellers make on Amazon. No buyer can place an order for a high-priced item ranked on page 21 on Amazon listing.

Since the price tag of items tends to vary from time to time, you need camelcamelcamel tracker so that you know the right price to give your product at a certain time. Moreover, it helps you to know the categories of items to vend at a certain period because they attract a worthy profit margin.

Features to expect when using camelcamelcamel

To efficiently use camelcamelcamel to your benefit, you must get a better understanding of its features.

  • Price History Charts

Using camelcamelcamel, you can easily access the price history charts of products on Amazon. The tool has a graph illustration of the changes in item pricing that a seller can easily understand. Moreover, the graph displays items sales rank. Every moment the price information appears to be wrong, you click the “request update” bar, which will update the site and display the right data about the history of items pricing. At first, you might be intimidated by the interface of the graph, but you only need to observe the green line observe the price history of a certain item.

  • Price Drop Alerts

Convenience alerts of price drops is a characteristic that makes most sellers to rank camelcamelcamel as the best price trackers. Once the item you are tracking price drops or gets sold, the tool gives you a notification. The tool gives you the option of receiving the alerts through your emails or twitter account. amz fba calculator

  • Browser Addons

To have the advantage of accessing camelcamelcamel quickly, install the Camelizer into a browser of your choice. The Camelizer is a browser add-on that allows you to view historical charts of product prices without being logout from Amazon product pages. With the add-on, you will easily track price variations at the same time navigating through product pages. The Camelizer supports both Chrome and Firefox browsers, which are used by most traders on Amazon.

what are people searching for on amazon

 Closing views

 Camelcamelcamel is a tool worth using when tracking items prices history. It is consistent, fast, and you do not require any technical knowledge to understand what it presents. For a seller who does not like wasting time, you can install the Camelizer, an add-on that enables you to access the pricing history of items by just clicking the camel bar pinned at your toolbar. The tools work in different marketplaces including France, Japan and even China. Anyway, camelcamelcamel is free, and you would lose nothing if you use it to check the pricing data history of a product before placing an order.  

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What is an FBA calculator and how to use it

If you are selling on Amazon, you are surely familiar with all the different costs that come into the final calculation. Those costs quickly add up. If you make the mistake of miscalculating your costs, you may end up with a lower profit margin then you’d like. Or even worse, you may end up losing money.

That’s where FBA calculators come into question. With these handy tools, you will save yourself a lot of time and potential headaches.

A short introduction to Amazon FBA

In case you haven’t heard of it already, FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon. As you’re surely familiar, Amazon has the world’s largest fulfillment center. As the largest online store in the world with over 90 million Prime users in the USA alone, Amazon is a huge market to tap into.

 The business model is quite simple. 

  1. It’s your job to find products to sell on Amazon
  2. Create product listings
  3. Send products to Amazon fulfillment centers
  4. Amazon will handle the packaging and shipping as well as returns

How to optimize your product listing for Amazon

When you think about it, Amazon is basically a huge search engine for people looking to buy stuff. And like and search engine it uses keywords to decide on what product to show to customers.

You need to know what people are searching for on Amazon if you want to show up on the front page.

That’s where most of the searches end. So if you want that prime real estate, you better get familiar with Amazon SEO.

What is Amazon SEO?

In a nutshell, it’s search engine optimization for the purpose of better ranking at search results. It’s not much different from Google SEO, although it’s more simple. 

There are a couple of things to keep in mind.

  1. Keywords are the lifeblood of Amazon SEO
  2. Product description and product detail page is the most important part of the SEO equation
  3. Backend keywords is another opportunity to target potential buyers

You should put the most important keywords in the product title. Those are the search terms people are actively typing into Amazon. 

The product details page is another opportunity to include keywords you couldn’t fit into the title, as well as your chance to list all the features and benefits of your product.

Use descriptive language and do your best to sell the product in the description.

Backend keywords or “hidden” keywords are terms you can type into the backend of your sellers account for the purpose of giving Amazon more information about your product. 

The limit is 250 characters, so use them wisely.

Those keywords will not be shown to the customer, so avoid unnecessary punctuation. 

Why use Amazon FBA calculators

More then a third of the first time Amazon sellers lose money because they don’t know their true profit. What is the true profit?

That would the money that’s left from Amazon sales minus all the costs.

The costs that come into question when selling on Amazon can be roughly divided into three categories:

  1. Front-end costs - buying samples, making quality photos, shipping products
  2. Variable costs - FBA handling fee, storage fee, returns, etc…
  3. Cost of marketing - the cost of your advertising efforts (pay-per-click, promotions)

If you want to turn selling on Amazon into a real business, it’s not enough just to randomly decide upon a product to sell. Most of your efforts should be funneled into researching the right product and calculating if the product even has the potential to be profitable.

While you may even be making sales, if you don’t calculate your costs properly you may end up with no profit at all.


FBA fees are usually 15% of the price of the product as well as another 3$ for handling and shipping the item in question. When you take into consideration all of the work that Amazon is doing for you it truly does seem like a small cost to pay.


But, we want to be precise with our costs and that is why we use FBA fee calculators.


How to use Amazon FBA revenue calculator

fba profit calculator

FBA calculator for Amazon is a free tool made to show you the total costs of your product so that you can know your profit margin.

The steps to calculating your revenue are quite simple.

  1. Find your product on Amazon
  2. Type in the name, UPC, EAC, ISBN or ASIN of your product into the calculator and enter the product cost, shipping cost as well as other details
  3. After you enter all the information hit the calculate button and wait for the cost breakdown.


3 other best Amazon FBA calculators

Jungle Scout

amazon fba calculator

The team at Jungle Scout really took the effort to make a comprehensive tool that will help you launch your Amazon business. Not only does it list all the fees associated with selling on Amazon, but the tool also explains it so you can understand it better.

It is not a free tool, but it may be a good option for someone wanting to get a little extra edge over his competitors.

It also comes with a Chrome extension so you can get real-time data while browsing the Amazon page.

Viral Launch

amazon fba revenue calculator


While not as detailed as Jungle Scout’s app, Viral Launch makes up for it in ease of use. You just type in the product URL or ASIN and you wait for the calculator to break down the costs and profit per product.

If you are aching for more information though, you can check out their Chrome extension as well.


fba calculator for amazon

Another great free tool that comes in the form of a Chrome extension as well. You can just type in the product’s ASIN and let the calculator do the rest.

Their website is also quite comprehensive and great for understanding all the costs that come into the equation, such as product size, shipping costs, etc.


Selling on Amazon may be one of the best ways to achieve financial independence. With the help of tools such as FBA fee calculators, it’s easy to find potential winning products to sell. Most of the manual work can be outsourced to applications, while it’s your job to optimize the listings and make sure that the whole business functions like a well-oiled machine.

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Jump Send Review

sites like jumpsend

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Jump Send Review

Jump Send is now a part of Jungle Scout software as its own setting has been re-branded. The software continues to be the face of customer service, however, the service that merchants are offered is now called Launch. Similar characteristics are still there. The word Jungle Scout must be known to you if you have been working on Amazon marketplace or learning about it for quite some time. A wide range of software designed for Amazon could be found. Jump Send is a software that is accepted and used by sellers worldwide.

This blog will walk you through Jump Send review, its deals, and its alternatives.

Jump Send Intro

It is easy to sell an item on Amazon, but making it to the top rankings is really difficult. And unless your product is on top, you are not going to make profits. So, this challenging part is made a little easy with this robust tool. The software helps a seller get his product on top with relevant keywords and increase sales. Here are the two features you are offered by Jump Send .

  1. One is a launch policy for giving coupons and making trades to your Amazon listing.
  2. The other is a mechanism that blends with Amazon Seller Central as an email autoresponder, to automate your Amazon emails.

Both features include their own benefits and that is how Jump send becomes a big user base. Yet, there are options you can make for both of its methods:

  1. Launching Sales
  2. Driving Sales in special

Now, it is time to discuss the working of this software.

jump send

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The most challenging task of a commodity launch is bringing your product in a display of possible buyers.

In order to get your item on top searches, you require deals and this is the place where Jump Send comes to play.

Buyers can explore and separate Jump send dealings by cost, percentage rate, class or explore the term and get a coupon to use on Amazon.

A process remains a common choice for marketers looking to launch new goods on Amazon. It gives it more flexibility to get it on the highest selling on Amazon by promoting your product and achieving clarity outside of Amazon’s research rankings.

It can remain to be an exceptional approach to make one short-term increase with sales speed, to trade the excess stock, or to bypass filling long-term warehouse expenses and free up money flow.

Jump send ’s extra features is automated-email messaging.

Amazon autoresponders are a useful method of reaching every buyer.

To automate your Amazon emails, the software connects to central account of seller using Amazon application. You can follow-up orders based on various triggers. Let us take an example – you might send a thank-you email to your buyer who has recently purchased an item for you and you might even ask for product feedback.

You can also additionally compose an email when a return is being taken, to limit adverse feedback or product review.

How to Use Jump Send?

You can begin your product selling by offering small discounts to Jump Send's customer base of Amazon customers looking for amazing discount jump send deals . After trading the product, you can likewise interact with those consumers which increases your chances of making a jump send review .

How is Launch Different from Jump Send?

Jumpsend Amazon is actually comparable to Launch by jungle scout. There are only a few variations on Launch that you'll not get on jump sent.

The biggest thing being that Email Operations, Jump send email operations were totally flexible at the account level, which means there occurred some restrictions.

The launch will permit users to build and observe after operations in much more intensity. This means now you can generate various promotional operations for the UK, US, and Australia or several other countries. Users can further adjust the language to create content extra customized accordingly.

Final Thought

Jump Send happens to be appreciated everywhere in the Amazon community. Their software tools bring a distinct benefit for Amazon retailers. You may need to reconsider to promote your personal business which you can make in the very same period as operating Jump send advertising.

It would be easy for you to depart your brand from the competition if you have control over your traffic.


Q.1 Does it have a free trial?

Answer: No there is no free trial, however, if you happen to be a new seller you will receive some good benefits and bonus.

Q.2 Can I register my account on Jump Send website?

Answer: Yes, you can register your account on the jump send website.

Q.3 How do I cancel my account?

Answer: In order to cancel your account, you require holding with the Amazon team.

SEO Description

Jump send is an excellent tool to launch the product. It is also a great review manager that can guide you, plus improve customer experience. It helps you receive buyer feedbacks at the right time, it also helps you track shipping and delivery status.

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Jungle Scout Alternatives

Top 10 Paid & Free Amazon Product research tools that are Alternatives to Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a tool that will come across our minds whenever we will discuss Amazon product research segment. Sellers on Amazon site like the tool so much that it is available as an extension for Google Chrome & as a Website App. The software is designed to give users the ability to search through different products on Amazon, quickly & easily.

Niche hunters, free webinars & robust case studies are some features that you get with Jungle Scout. There are three plans available & the starting is just from $29. The premium pack comes with a price of $69.

Even after reading so many features, let us tell you that Jungle Scout is not a tool that is made for everyone. You might ask if there is any alternative to Jungle Scout ? Let us tell you that there are multiple alternatives to Jungle Scout & you will learn about all these alternatives in this blog. Here is the list of tools. Let us remind you that some of them are free & some are paid.

Jungle Scout Alternative

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Scope software is an ideal & a wonderful software .

or product analysis and keyword research on Amazon, this tool is completely free. With this robust software, you know everything you necessitate to get begun with your item or niche search.

·        Unicorn Smasher

Here is another software which is 100% free to download for keyword analysis on Amazon website. This software is featured as the “best software available” leader board & offers its user the real time sales estimates. In case you want to run this software with AMZ Tracker for a super-charged selling, compatibility is there!

·       AMZ Scout

This wonderful software is one of the best software available out there. For about 7 days, you can try this software without paying a single penny, but after that, the Basic software plan starts at $19.99 monthly. There is also a Business software plan that comes for $39.99 monthly.

·       ASINpector

Scrolling down the list of Jungle Scout alternatives , you will see this software at the 4th position for its functionality & specifications. This amazing software allows its users to seek out listings on e-commerce giants like eBay, Alibaba and Walmart. This software come with numerous features & specifications that make user mostly happy.

·       Kiprt

As you have already read about ASINpector, let us tell you that this software is affiliated with previous software. For those who want instant result at a click of the button, this tool is made for them. With this wonderful software, you are offered easy-to-read charts that present you with monthly sales.

·       Amachete

Now this is another software that is really awesome software to work on. The software was built with an idea of providing ease to sellers, be it beginner or professional. You will be amazed to know that this tool is also there on Google Chrome store as an extension. The software offers its users competitive analytics, revenue estimators and rank & stock trackers. A very useful tool called as Hijack Monitor is also offered by this software. The feature commands to monitor your listings uniformly in order to detect the hijacker.

·       CashCowPro

Here is another beneficial software that comes with a basic interface & a basic price. The software is listed as the #1 software for Amazon sellers, by manufacturer itself. Approximately 20 million best-sellers are featured & also coming as an extension for Google Chrome. Besides all those features, the software doesn’t allow the user to filter the product. Let us tell you that there are more filters that are still available. This robust software allows the user to perform a search by search term or by the number of sellers. Monthly price starts with $49.97 for this software.

·       AMZ Shark

This software is also one of the best software that can be used as Jungle Scout alternative . Main thing that might attract you, is the speed & accuracy this software offers you. The monthly plan starts with $229.

·       Viral Launch

This is a software that has been built for people who absolutely love to customize. The users using this software can add or remove or move each column as you like. & it is comparatively cheap from Jungle Scout. The monthly price for this product starts at $49.

·       Sellics

This software is also known as one-stop for all the software working for Amazon website. Want to run a business on marketplace, this software is made for you. Be it optimizing your listing or keeping track of your competitor, it has everything. & the best thing is, you only pay for what you use. Its price ranges from $57 to $317 depending on which package you pick.

jungle scout alternatives

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If you are a seller working on this platform, nothing can be much important for you than a good product. In our opinion, it’s worth spending some bucks on this software. The software mentioned in this blog are somehow free-to-use but offer a wide range of specifications that you can benefit from if you are a seller.

Article Description.

Here is a list of top 10 free & paid Jungle Scout alternatives. These alternatives offer numerous features but some of these are a little pricey. Grow your business with a decent tool!

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