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written on 14-2-20

Top 10 Paid & Free Amazon Product research tools that are Alternatives to Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a tool that will come across our minds whenever we will discuss Amazon product research segment. Sellers on Amazon site like the tool so much that it is available as an extension for Google Chrome & as a Website App. The software is designed to give users the ability to search through different products on Amazon, quickly & easily.

Niche hunters, free webinars & robust case studies are some features that you get with Jungle Scout. There are three plans available & the starting is just from $29. The premium pack comes with a price of $69.

Even after reading so many features, let us tell you that Jungle Scout is not a tool that is made for everyone. You might ask if there is any alternative to Jungle Scout ? Let us tell you that there are multiple alternatives to Jungle Scout & you will learn about all these alternatives in this blog. Here is the list of tools. Let us remind you that some of them are free & some are paid.

Jungle Scout Alternative

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Scope software is an ideal & a wonderful software .

or product analysis and keyword research on Amazon, this tool is completely free. With this robust software, you know everything you necessitate to get begun with your item or niche search.

·        Unicorn Smasher

Here is another software which is 100% free to download for keyword analysis on Amazon website. This software is featured as the “best software available” leader board & offers its user the real time sales estimates. In case you want to run this software with AMZ Tracker for a super-charged selling, compatibility is there!

·       AMZ Scout

This wonderful software is one of the best software available out there. For about 7 days, you can try this software without paying a single penny, but after that, the Basic software plan starts at $19.99 monthly. There is also a Business software plan that comes for $39.99 monthly.

·       ASINpector

Scrolling down the list of Jungle Scout alternatives , you will see this software at the 4th position for its functionality & specifications. This amazing software allows its users to seek out listings on e-commerce giants like eBay, Alibaba and Walmart. This software come with numerous features & specifications that make user mostly happy.

·       Kiprt

As you have already read about ASINpector, let us tell you that this software is affiliated with previous software. For those who want instant result at a click of the button, this tool is made for them. With this wonderful software, you are offered easy-to-read charts that present you with monthly sales.

·       Amachete

Now this is another software that is really awesome software to work on. The software was built with an idea of providing ease to sellers, be it beginner or professional. You will be amazed to know that this tool is also there on Google Chrome store as an extension. The software offers its users competitive analytics, revenue estimators and rank & stock trackers. A very useful tool called as Hijack Monitor is also offered by this software. The feature commands to monitor your listings uniformly in order to detect the hijacker.

·       CashCowPro

Here is another beneficial software that comes with a basic interface & a basic price. The software is listed as the #1 software for Amazon sellers, by manufacturer itself. Approximately 20 million best-sellers are featured & also coming as an extension for Google Chrome. Besides all those features, the software doesn’t allow the user to filter the product. Let us tell you that there are more filters that are still available. This robust software allows the user to perform a search by search term or by the number of sellers. Monthly price starts with $49.97 for this software.

·       AMZ Shark

This software is also one of the best software that can be used as Jungle Scout alternative . Main thing that might attract you, is the speed & accuracy this software offers you. The monthly plan starts with $229.

·       Viral Launch

This is a software that has been built for people who absolutely love to customize. The users using this software can add or remove or move each column as you like. & it is comparatively cheap from Jungle Scout. The monthly price for this product starts at $49.

·       Sellics

This software is also known as one-stop for all the software working for Amazon website. Want to run a business on marketplace, this software is made for you. Be it optimizing your listing or keeping track of your competitor, it has everything. & the best thing is, you only pay for what you use. Its price ranges from $57 to $317 depending on which package you pick.

jungle scout alternatives

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If you are a seller working on this platform, nothing can be much important for you than a good product. In our opinion, it’s worth spending some bucks on this software. The software mentioned in this blog are somehow free-to-use but offer a wide range of specifications that you can benefit from if you are a seller.

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Here is a list of top 10 free & paid Jungle Scout alternatives. These alternatives offer numerous features but some of these are a little pricey. Grow your business with a decent tool!

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